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The work Earthlink, which embodies the feedback loop, employs the most obvious bodily mechanism that connects humans to this planet – the respiratory system – and tries to consider several consequences of human breathing in the manmade technosphere of the Anthropocene.


Earthlink is a feedback loop of three biotechnological installations entitled Inspiration, Expiration and Symbiome. The works are connected with a network of tubes and biomes, circulating air saturated with organic and inorganic compounds.

On one side of the feedback loop stands Inspiration, a breathing station, which provides the visitor with a dose of air enriched with soil “happiness” bacteria, scientifically known as Mycobacterium vaccae. However the dose is not always the same, the respiratory exchange in technosphere is unevenly mediated, controlled and administered. The questions are, who or what will dispense the dose? What will the dose contain? Who will survive?

On the other side of the feedback loop stands Expiration, a breath collector, where visitors can blow through the glass exhalers and share their respiratory microbiomes on the collective externalised lungs in the glass chamber. The multitude of bacterial and fungal colonies on the captured on the agar nutrient is being rinsed by droplets of cypress Cupressus sempervirens. The distillate of the graveyard tree is cleansing human exhalations in the chamber, however the microbial colonies can not be washed away. Collective respiratory microbiome dries out or burns on the heated soil below. Microbes in this installation lack enclosing feedback loop back through any kind of dynamic equilibrium, various exhalations of human species cause a metabolic rift and all we can offer is our breath for the disappearing habitats.

In between the installations are biomes whose metabolites are carried from one to the other by air. Microbiomes of corals, chicken bone, fungi, bird feathers, lava stones, cat and human hair, various sprouts and soil flow from chamber to chamber in the invisible and infinite feedback loops of intra-flux.

In the middle of the feedback loop stands the Symbiome silently processing gasses delivered by the external feedback loop while it is nurturing his own symbiotic feedback loop between red clover and rhizobia. Symbiome is feedback looping in a feedback loop, negotiating and embodying the earthlink, the most basic connection on this planet.

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