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Biotechnological installation Expiration* is a breath collector, where visitors can donate their exhalations for disappearing habitats by blowing through the glass exhalers and share their respiratory microbiomes on the collective exteriorized lungs in the glass chamber. The exhalations create a multitude of bacterial and fungal colonies, a common human exhalation in form of respiratory microbiome materializes from effluents on agar nutrient. The microorganisms growing on the externalised lungs are persistently being rinsed by droplets of cypress Cupressus sempervirens extract. The herbal distillate of the graveyard tree known for its human breathing system purifying effects is consistently cleansing the exteriorized lungs, but the microbial colonies can not be easily washed away.


The futile cleansing of human excrements reflects technocratic solutions to climate change, global warming and pollution. On the micro scale of Expiration hope in the form of washed off microbiomes is burned on hot soil, on the macro scale the atmosphere is warming, the environment desertifying, all leading to loss of biodiversity and extinction of species. The diffusing graveyard cypress scent around Expiration serves as a warning that the intra-dependent network of feedback loops of all living and nonliving agents in the planetary metabolism is fragmenting, human network included. Human carbon excrements on micro and macro scale are reducing habitats and breaking innumerable connections between agents in the planetary metabolism.

*Title of the artwork originates from the phase in the respiratory process termed expiration. The word draws its meaning from expiro [lat.]: to breath out; to expire, die.


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